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Little Wildflowers Preschool
Dress Code


At Little Wildflowers Preschool we believe it is important for children to learn how to maintain a neat and tidy appearance as it is good practice for work environments and many social settings later in life. The practical life curriculum in Montessori provides a scope and sequence for everyday routines and practices. One of the main areas of development in practical life is Care of Self. Activities in this area aids the child in becoming independent in their abilities to take care of their bodies. This includes activities such as:  nose blowing, handwashing, brushing hair, cleaning face with water and a towel, etc. 


The following are Little Wildflowers Preschool uniform expectations:

  • All students are required to come to school in the L.W.P uniform daily.

  • We kindly ask for uniforms to be clean, and for shirts be tucked in.

  • Care of self check: hair combed, clean face, masks on.



Polo uniform shirts will be ordered through the school. The cost is $10 for short sleeve polos and $12 for long sleeve shirts.



All bottoms such as shorts, pants, and pleated skirts, dresses need to be khaki or navy blue. For long lasting quality, we suggest looking into stain/fade resistant bottoms. 


Socks & Shoes

Comfortable, closed-toed shoes that are all black, black and white, or navy. Slip- on or velcro only (no light-up, or laced shoes unless your child has mastered shoe lacing). Socks can be knee-high or short socks in either white, black, or navy blue. Tights are acceptable. 



Any jackets, sweaters or cardigans are acceptable. 

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