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La Posada

By: Ernesto M. Garay


The Little Wildflower Preschool in Santa Rosa, California, knowledge caster of cultural perseveration of Latino culture

The children celebrate Posada as some learn for the first time the story how it’s celebrated  Eating los tamales, they savor their own history and culture, tasting it like a rebirth that sparks the light: the eternal flame--that same light you see reflecting from the rising moon bursting through the clouds at midnight

A child is a bundle of cell memory, a union of roots, whose flowering and fruitage is the universe

That’s why, you hear little students sing the Mexican Piñata song: Dale, dale, dale/No pierdas el tino/ Porque si lo pierdes/Pierdes el camino…and their faces brighten, glow and their eyes light up sparkling and twinkling with luz as the sun beams on them and the sweet-sounding song inside their hearts hummin’and keepin’ their history alive

the Mexican father and daughter who made the Toro bull-head piñata spread their wings, knowing that as the erasers, small toys and crayons come spilling out to the ground, after the piñata pops and breaks into fragments, and as the little students glow like gold, swarming like bees around the goodies that caress the ground 

the Mexican father and daughter are sun after stormy weather, a part of the family that keeps the School’s community unified like an unbroken family led by electric bilingual teachers, the sculptors and weavers of knowledge

They relay the cultural lessons in español and ingles bringing a door opening to a future in which the little students can raise their heads up high towards the sky—ready to open the door for future generations, capturing the deep roots of Latino history

The little students celebrate by planting the seeds in Spanish and English: the celebration of 

Posada continues to circulate in the US and Latino cultural production is at the curriculum-corazón of The Little Wildflower Preschool

 By Ernesto M. Garay, © January 15, 2021 

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